Where To Find A Veterans VA Disability Nexus Letter? Doctors Who Do Independent Medical Opinions & Evaluations


For as central as a nexus letter is to a veterans claim it can be very difficult to locate a doctor or medical professional who will complete the needed documentation for your VA claim. There are various reasons for this such as some doctors not wanting to take on the liability but to assist you better I’ve decided to put together a list of known places to get a nexus letter or DBQ completed.

Let me say in advance that this is not going to come without cost. You have to pay for the physicians time but there is a reasonable limit. Also, we have not vetted this list so use any service at your own risk. This is simply a list of available resources.

Veterans DBQ, Nexus Letter & Independent Medical Opinion Services:

  1. Dr. John Ellis, MD: www.ellisclinic.com
  2. Various Doctors: www.valor4vet.com
  3. MedConnectVA: www.medconnectva.com
  4. Dr. Craig Bash, MD: www.veteransmedadvisor.com
  5. Dr. Brett Valette, Psychologist: www.veteranspsychevaluations.com
  6. Dr. Thomas Seiter, MD: www.veteransimodoctor.org
  7.  Dr. Cook, MD: www.medfitconsulting.com
  8. Various Doctors: www.veteranindependentmedicalexamination.com/nexus-letters
  9. Dr. Mark Northern, Psychologist: www.drworthen.net/nexus-letters.html
  10. Dr. Victoria A. Cassano, MD: www.drcassano.com/veterans
  11. Various Doctors: www.qdsi.com
  12. Dr. David Anaise, MD: www.danaise.com/nexus-imo-letters-veteran-disability
  13. Arrica Canty RN, BSN, CLNC: www.mediscopeconsultants.com
  14. Dr. Leah Wingeart: https://www.shrinkwraptlasvegas.com/
  15. Dr. Fred Nolen, Psychologist: frednolen@msn.com
  16. Dr. Q. Austin-Small, Psychologist: www.qasphd.com
  17. Various Doctors: https://veteranratings.com/
  18. Star Medical Clinic: www.starmedicalclinic.com

…More to come as additional providers are discovered!


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