VA Disability Ratings for Headaches & Migraines

If you have experienced headaches or migraines in or since your time of service, you can file a claim with the possibility of receiving one of the following disability ratings for compensation from the VA:

  • 50%- If you suffer from frequent, prolonged attacks that are fully prostrating (making you have to lay down), leaving you with the inability to work
  • 30%- Prostrating attacks occur at an average of at least once per month over the course of a few months
  • 10%- prostrating attacks one for every two months
  • 0%- attacks are infrequent

The keyword the VA will be looking for is “prostrating.” According to M-21-2, the VA’s internal adjudication manual, here are some of the key terms the VA will be looking for when reviewing your claim:

  • Prostrating- causes extreme exhaustion, debilitation, incapacitation or powerlessness with an increased inability to engage in regular activities
  • Completely Prostrating- powerlessness or extreme exhaustion with a complete, total inability to engage in regular activities
  • Severe Economic Inadaptability- explains a degree of significant work impairment. It doesn’t mean you are unable to gain gainful employment.
  • Very Frequent– Number of prostrating attacks are less than one month apart

Secondary Claims

You can also file a secondary claim for headaches. For example, if your already service-connected hypertension(high blood pressure) causes you headaches you can file a secondary VA claim for the headaches.

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