October 2021 VA Benefits & Disability Claims LIVE Q&A Session

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Medical Records and Evidence You Need to Support Your VA Disability Claim or Appeal

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In order to receive disability compensation from the VA, you will need to demonstrate that you were honorably discharged from the U.S. military and that you have a condition that is connected to your military service: a direct connection, an aggravated connection, a secondary connection, or a presumptive connection.  In order to prove you have …

Insomnia VA Rating and Disability Rating for Sleep Disturbances

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The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) is responsible for compensating military veterans who received a disability during their time in service. Depending on the effects military service has on an individual’s sleeping patterns, they may be eligible to file a VA disability claim for insomnia. What is Insomnia? The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental …

VA Disability Rating for Neck Pain: Cervical Spine, Neck Arthritis, Radiculopathy and Cervicalgia VA Rating

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VA Disability Rating for Neck Pain (Cervicalgia), Cervical Spine Pain, & Neck Arthritis The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) views conditions of the spine through two main categories—neck and back. Back pain typically refers to injuries in the lower half of the spine or the thoracolumbar section. Neck pain refers to the top seven vertebrae of …

VA Rating for Knee Pain: VA Knee Rating Chart and VA Secondary Conditions to Knee Pain

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Many veterans who served in the military develop pain in their knees and lower legs due to their time in active service. The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) handles compensation and military disability rating for knee pain. If you developed knee problems due to military service, you may be entitled to financial compensation from …

Getting A Proposal to Reduce VA Disability Benefits: Request A Personal Hearing ASAP!

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Many veterans with VA disability claims are familiar with the VA’s reevaluation process. Whenever the VA determines that there is a need to verify the continued existence or severity of a disability, it will request that the veteran be reexamined and, if needed, have his or her compensation amount reevaluated. When this process results in the VA issuing …