Understanding Special Monthly Compensation

VA Special Monthly Compensation is a segment of VA disability payments that compensates individuals with catastrophic service-related injuries.

How To Write A VA Claim Buddy Letter

When a veteran files a disability claim with the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), having a Lay Witness Statement, Statement in Support of Claim, or “buddy letter,” can provide additional information that can help in getting their claim approved. A buddy letter can provide evidence of where the event or injury that caused …

The Best Way For Veterans To Communicate With The VA


VA is the second largest agency in the federal government. With over 250,000 employees in hundreds of facilities, just figuring out who in VA you need to contact and how to reach him or her can be difficult. Another problem is that even with recent updates, VA remains a paper-driven and paper-choked organization. As a result, getting the right piece of paper to the right person is not easy.

Why You Should Get An Accredited VA Representative For Your Claims & Appeals

Congress intended the VA benefits system to be “non-adversarial” and friendly to veterans seeking assistance for hardships resulting from their service to the country. VA’s duty to assist, the benefit of the doubt rule, and the ability to re-file denied claims are examples of a “veteran-friendly” process. For many veterans and dependents, the VA process …