Veterans Who Are Physicians/ Health Care Providers CAN Produce Claim Evidence For Themselves

Here’s what the VA’s M21-1 Adjudication Procedures Manual says about doctors who are veterans themselves and evidence:


Be Prepared: What To Expect In Your VA C&P Exam

Compensation and Pension examinations, also known as “C&P exams,” are frequently used by the VA when deciding veterans’ disability claims. Specifically, the VA uses C&P exams to diagnose conditions, rate disabilities and determine service connection issues. Because C&P exams are often required, it is important that veterans understand what to expect when attending a C&P …

How to Claim Secondary Service Connection & Common Secondary Conditions

Most veterans don’t realize that there are at least five distinct routes to connect a medical condition to their military service. One of the most overlooked yet advantageous ways to get a higher VA disability rating is through SECONDARY service connection. If a veteran currently has a diagnosed service connected disability and believes they have …